MiR Champion Weighted Belt

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  • Heavy Duty Belt Buckle.
  • For all sizes, and 5 inches in width
  • Includes 36Lbs total, adjustable in 3lbs increments.
  • Belt Maximum weight limit is 36lbs

MiR Champion Belt is one size fit all. This belt is made by champion for champions, holding a maximum weight of 36lbs, our MiR Champion Belt will easily get you in shape. Our dual strap technology holds the weights in place, allowing you to run, walk, or enjoy your exercises without the belt moving. Hundreds of hours of research went into ensuring the MiR belt will protect your lower back, abdominal, and spine with no added pressure. This allows you to workout while minimizing injury to these areas. The belt can be adjusted from 120lbs-300lbs according to your body weight. The MiR Champion Belt was made to turn the average joe into a Champion athlete. Covered by manufacturer's warranty