MiR Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest

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  • Machine washable - keep your vest clean at all times. Remove the weights, Throw in the washer, and Tumble dry low to keep your vest fresh and clean.
  • AIR FLOW DESIGN - Uses a hybrid material to keep your body cool during workouts. Sweat into the vest instead of keeping heat between your body. Our vest uses a softer more comfortable material instead of the hard scratchy material that other weight vests
  • Adjustable - the weights are all removable, start light and workout your way up. Adjust the bottom straps to fit any users trying to keep the vest nice and snug to their body.
  • Solid iron weights - weights that meant to last a life time. Each weight Weights 3lbs and can be removed and added within seconds.
  • Lifetime - covers any damages caused to the vest during workouts. Workout and never had to worry about the vest breaking down on you again.
  • 60lbs max weight limit.


The uniquely designed Air Flow Vest was designed specifically with your cardio workouts in mind. Thanks to the adjustable belt and adjustable shoulder strap, it can fit almost any body type. Its small and compact design makes it the perfect vest for power walking, running, and workouts that requires you to move a lot. We have designed this weight vest to hold up to 60lbs allowing you to turn any “casual walk in the park” into an intense fat burning session.  Coved by a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a 30 day Exchange Policy.