Future of Weighted Vest


"The vest is very durable, don't have to worry about the vest breaking at all. Compact and doesn't restrict you in any way. Different straps to adjust so they can better form and fit to your body. Overall it's just the best product on the market for a weighted vest."

Rich Froning Jr. - 4 time Crossfit Game Champion. 2011-2014.

'I've just recently started using the Mir weighted vest and I can't tell you how much benefit I get from it! I'm a CrossFit games athlete and this vest is great for pull up workout, muscle up training and many other workouts! I did Murph and it was very comfortable, I had no irritations like I've got from other vests! I just don't see any other vest that out performs the Mir weighted vest!'

Ben Stoneberg, Crossfit Intensify, Placed 32nd in the Open Competitions, 20th in finals