Lifetime warranty details.

How it works.

Warranty covers a 1 time replacement during the lifetime of the user. Proof of purchase is  needed along with a photo of the damaged item.  The vest will be replaced with a brand new one of the same exact model. No exchanges, upgrades, or substitutes allowed. Weights are not covered under this warranty.  For replacements, they can be picked up at our facility free of charge, or shipped for a flat fee of $14.95. After the initial 1 time replacement buyers can send the item back for repairs if anything were to happen to their replacement vest. Buyers must pay for shipping to and from our facility. Repairing the vest may take 2-3 weeks or longer depending on volume with the claims team. 

To start a claim please send info to sales@mirweightedvest.com

Subject Line : Warranty Claim. 

Please attach a photo of the damage along with the order ID to expedite the claim. 

Warranty limits applies. - Warranty applies to orders in the U.S. only. MIR and MIR affiliated weights must be used to be covered under warranty.  Once item is purchased internationally please work with the marketplace you bought the item from to purchase any additional warranty if offered. Our warranty team can not ship nor be able to work with international orders.