MiR Speed Sled Trainer Yellow

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  • SPEED SLED: Designed for agility and speed training. Maximize your explosiveness. Custom MIR print PVC rubber material with multiple colors to choose from.
  • WEIGHT: 4 self-filled weight pouches included. Maxes out at 10lbs each, 40lbs total. Weights for weighted vest also compatible inside sled trainer.
  • MAX WEIGHT: 40LBS for self-filled weight. Up to 80lbs with any other weights fitting inside trainer.
  • ADJUSTABLE 360 BELT RING: Adjust to any waist size and any angle. From Pulls to lateral moves. It covers all angles for multiple workouts.
  • QUALITY AND WARRANTY : Comes standard with a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty. Made with High Grade PVC rubber, it is designed to be used indoors, grass, and all sports turf.


The MIR Speed Sled trainer offers a tool for your speed and agility. Designed with our customer MIR PVC rubber, this sled trainer can be used indoors and outdoors. Self-filled pouches give you the options of filling your own weights. We also made the trainer large enough to use in combination with our weights from our weighted vests. We believe in multiuse of our products and offering a fitness ecosystem to maximize your workouts. This sled trainer is adjustable and made for first time users or avid users.